I’m Back, But Still Weary

I’m sure many of you are wondering where I’ve been. I’ll tell you, I’ve had a hell of a time sorting my life out. All the time I spend on the road is tough, and my home is barely a place to hang my hat. I’ve been living out of hotel rooms, folks. It’s a rough life, but it’s the one I’ve chosen.

As much as I love my house, I recently decided to go ahead and sell the damn thing. I didn’t see the use in paying for lawn care, property taxes, or even making the effort to string up Christmas lights. If I’m to live a Nomadic existence, there just isn’t any logical reason to own a home. Hopefully one day this will all change, and I’ll settle down and maybe even have some children. But for now I’m remaining on the move, passing through town after town, living life on the lonely road.

Of course, that doesn’t entirely explain my absence. The truth is, sorting through all my possessions, packing it all up, and putting property up on the market turned out to be a nightmare.¬†First I had to decide which sentimental items to keep in storage, and what I could live with throwing out. Once that was decided, the consumerist in me insisted on saving every penny I could with the moving trucks. I found one site that helped me find a Uhaul coupon code, but I was still torn between that company and Penske.

I haven’t had the best experience with Uhaul, you see. Many years ago I had a heart-breaking experience when some incompetent movers dropped the urn containing my mother’s ashes. I dearly loved my mother, and those fools destroyed the last tangible keepsake I had of her. Of course, that wasn’t Uhaul’s fault, but that memory always comes back to me whenever I see one of their trucks.

For sentimental reasons, and I admit this is completely illogical, I decided to go with Penske. It cost a little more, but I still managed to get a Penske truck rental coupon, so I can live with the decision.

With all my wordly possessions in order, the last matter of business was to get the house off the market. In the end I decided to save myself the hassle of submitting to the rigor of getting the best price for the property. Sometimes it can take a year or more to get the darn thing sold, and you have to hire a real estate agent, and show the house to countless prospective buyers, and keep the utilities running, and so on and so forth. By selling property at a 20% discount or so, you can move it quickly.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. Why did I put so much effort into saving a few dollars on moving trucks and storage, only to leave thousands of dollars on the table with the house? I’m well aware of the human tendency to scrutinize savings in inconsistent ways, but that’s not what happened here. It was more a matter of opportunity cost. Saving money on the trucks only cost me a matter of minutes. The investment of time for getting the full price of my house would be far more costly than the dollars I lost selling to a lower bidder.

Time is money, my friends.

-Brian Dumaine